Monday, May 30, 2011

Mink Pink Clothing: Summer 2011

With all the gorgeous and glamorous graduation parties this past weekend, it looks like hot weather is actually just around the corner. Most importantly – it’s finally great weather. That means that it’s time for summer outfits. Have you planned your outfits so far? If the answer is no, take a little inspiration from the Mink Pink Spring 2011 Collection. Simple colors round out a great collection of clothing in the Mink Pink Summer 2011 lookbook. The photos reflect the brand’s carefree style. Stylish dresses and eye-catching prints are combined to form a clothing line which is not only youthful, but elegant as well. And youthful spirit is more than welcomed summer theme in my mind. Hints of bright colors and stripes to form a well rounded Summer 2011 lookbook. Check out their spring collection for some style & fashion tips. Just looking at these photos should bring some sunshine in to your day!


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