Monday, July 11, 2011

Mink Pink Polka Dot Dress for a Princess of Casual Chic

For those of you who are asking yourselves, “The comeback of polka dot dresses? But that look is so not stylish!” I am a huge polka-dot fan and I am here to inform you know that yes, it is stylish! Polka dot is back, so if you were still sporting that look, you are in luck. And guess what – you are back in style! As a matter of fact, sexy short dresses in general are returning in a number of cuts and patterns. For some time it seemed that most women abandoned their dresses after the Nineties. Just think about the significantly higher percentage of young, middle-aged and older women that wore dresses in the past. What’s more, during the Nineties the dress was still abundant and many women were sporting mini skirts and polka dot dresses. Although it isn’t proven anywhere, I like to attribute the transition back to the dress to the comeback of leggings. Younger women felt great wearing them with tunics, all the while getting them used to the feel of sporting dresses. And this is a strong proof that we’re regaining comfort with our femininity and finally realizing our power does not come from acting like guys; as a matter of fact, our strength comes from embracing our softer sides and using our female qualities to our advantage. In time for summer, the dress looks like it is back in full force. Boutiques are heavily stocked with dresses, and the majority of them dainty and more girly than the most of those seen in the past few years. Polka dots are huge too, and Mink Pink “Fancy a Flutter” Polka Dot Dress is my favorite. With chiffon main, short sleeves with frill detail and V neck this dress is a perfect date dress. It is a perfect party dress too!